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Welcome to the phpBB Anglish Moot! Or as Englishers would know it, a forum.

(This forum is part of, and is not related to the likewise named wiki, "The Anglish Moot".)

Whether you have come here from near or far, or by way of links from websites beyond yonder, welcome! This forum is all about a language project for the English language known as Anglish, and all discussions of, or in Anglish are stowed here.

But, what is Anglish?

Well, assuming you are unwise of what Anglish is, and how it works, here's a short rundown. Want more info? See the link list at the bottom.

Anglish is a linguistic purism project for English, one that seeks to get rid of the bulk of loanwords that have come into English throughout time, mostly by way of tongues like French, Latin, and Greek.

Anglish also seeks to undo most influence that came into English by foreign hands, like with the Normans and their invasion of England in 1066, which greatly changed the English language over time, bringing in many French words and ways into the English tongue. Anglish also focuses on undoing later big borrowings of words, like words from the Inkhorn Controversy of the 1600s.

How is Anglish done?

Anglish strives to bring English closer to it's roots as a Germanic language, by having a vocabulary that is mostly made up of words of English root, casting out the many foreign words which have often uprooted and taken the stead of native ones, and crafting new ones out of existing English words if needed.

Words, affixes, spellings, and some bits of grammar that have come into English from lands afar are thrown out, in favor English-born equivalents of said things.

The most striking change you'll see by far is in vocabulary. Seeing as how much of everyday English words aren't Germanic/English in origin, it's no surprise that Anglish does away with a good deal of modernish words, with their English replacements often sounding olde-timey, simpler, or outright not understandable.

This is because Anglishers often revive words from Old or Middle English when unable to find a living, native word for a non-native one. Some word's whose meanings were narrowed or overtaken by a foreign word are usually brought back to their original meaning as well.

  • inborn instead of native
  • deer instead of animal
  • truth instead of fact
  • speechcraft instead of linguistics

deer, as seen above, is expanded to mean all animals, which is the meaning the word held in Old English, before animal came to be.

What about this Moot?

Oh, I guess I forgot to talk about this site in particular, so here we go:

This Moot, or Boards, as I'd like to call them are mostly for holding friendly discussions in or about Anglish. There's a lot of boards I've made for this forum, and here are those I feel are the essentials for any newcomer to behold:

For any general discussion, in or not in Anglish.

All About Anglisc!
The board for talking about Anglish itself! (and also the first ever board :O)

The go-to board for sharing your works and writs.

The Door
The forum for introducing yourself!

The Guestbook
If you don't want to make an account for whatever reason, you can chat here!

These are just my essentials, but I'd say each and every board here is worthwhile to browse.

The Law of the Land

Every good forum has it's rules, and I have given it some thought, so here are the ground laws I shall lay down for this board.

  • Be friendly!
  • Kindly, no hatespeech.
  • This is a forum, so hold weighty and meaningful discussions.

Lovely Anglish Links


The Anglish Subreddit
A much more lively hub for Anglish discussion

The Anglish Discord
An even more lively hub for Anglish discussion!


The Anglish Wiki

Wordbook (dictionary of anglish words)

Helpful Words

Ok, that's it from me, so happy posting, and...


Thanks 4 Reading! :3
ic speke no frensce!


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