Dost þu truþfully þink... (copypasta, full of cursing)

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Dost þu truþfully þink... (copypasta, full of cursing)

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Dost þu truþfully þink þu'rt fucking funny, fucking wiþ my freends? No kidding, þu'rt a fucking ugly littel cunt mate, and if I efer see þee I'm gonna fucking slit þy fucking ansen wide open geh? Þu'rt a fucking angry littel fucking harebrain.

Rigt, let's, first off, uhh þu'rt sefenteen so þu'rt not efen old enuge to play þe game, þu'rt from Skotland not Nigeria and þu boþerest folks and put hem on YouTube since þu'rt a cunt, hwic I'm fully onboard wiþ. So hwy dost'nt þu crawl back up þy mum's fanny and die?

Rigt, I'll tell þee hwat, þu fat littel cunt, þu'rt borin', þy speec isn't Nigerian at all so go fuck þyself... GO FUCKING CRAWL IN A DIRTY DANK LITTEL HOLE HWERE ÞU FUCKING CUMEST FROM, ÞU DIRTY WYRM-EATIN' LITTEL FUCKING HAREBRAIN.

Rigt, þe 'wyrm' cweaþ was likely a littel bit fucking ofer-þe-top, but at þe end of þe day þu'rt fucking borin'. Eferybody hwo waces þy films is fucking stupid. Hy are fucking loreless littel cunts. And þu'rt but a fucking backwit.

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Þis wraþful speec has been put in many gaming films on YouTube, so I went it to Anglisc, efen þuge it isn't lofty at all :twisted:
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Re: Dost þu truþfully þink... (copypasta, full of cursing)

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Mihting Engelrike sins 947!

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