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Font test.

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It is bidden bi His Fulfremmedness þe King, þat a neƿ cleefe be eked to eac eaðdom. Þis cleefe sceal ƿork as an eking to nuðe teacings, and þeedoms for þe cildren. It ƿill be sundered into tƿo sceddings, eac to ƿork as a sere cleefe for daglig learing. Þe first ƿill be onalike to forðƿiten Fearcleefes. More costs to be leesed in folloƿup learings, but digt cropping geare for sagd stead. For þe oðer scedding, smartlessening geare ƿill be geafen. Bid, set up haðers anon, for hƿilend learing in þis cleefe. All rooms lifing in þe Eastƿing must be rimed ƿiðin sixtig dags. Furðer keep and learing sceal be leesed sceortlig.


Sum cildren of Eaðdom Tƿelf haf becum ekinglig ƿiðermood. One has spelbade lore after being cut, nemmening a stefen þat illleered him. Under bid of His Fulfremmedness, a meeting must be held to umbspeak þe scunning of þis ƿigt.

-Eaðdom one, tƿo.
-Cƿartern four, tƿo, þree, eigt.
-Ƿinnful one, eigt, nine, one.
-Ƿinnful one, eigt, nine, tƿo.
-Ƿinnful tƿo, six, fife, nine.

Dag one- Lender to cƿartern. Began fanding.
Dag fife, six- Hige efening. Sped first magn fands.
Dag one, naugt, þree- Began daglig sigtleering.
Dag one, naugt, four- Balk. Ƿited.
Dag one, naugt, fife- Balk. Ƿited.
Dag one, naugt, six- Balk. Ƿited.
Dag one, naugt, sefen- Speed. Ƿited.
Dag þree, tƿo eigt- Began cropping. Forðƿitten leering lasts.
Dag fife, sefen, sefen- Ƿinnful one, eigt, nine, tƿo, liðer. Sƿapping banned.
Dag fife, eigt, naugt- Ƿinnful tƿo, six, fife, nine, lender.
Dag one, eigt, tƿo, fife- Marks of þougt. Feeling not sceoƿn.
Dag one, eigt, þree, one- Ƿinnful tƿo, six, fife. nine, under hoƿing. Ƿinnful one, eigt, nine, one, under hoƿing.
Dag one, eigt, six, nine- hoƿing halts.
Dag tƿo, six, fife, fife- Cropping balk sickered.
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