About the Anglish Moot on Fandom

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About the Anglish Moot on Fandom

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As the Fandom webside and those who run it come under growing fire for their yoke, are there any drafts of a forever move from there to here?
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Re: About the Anglish Moot on Fandom

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there's more meaningful moots held over at https://www.reddit.com/r/anglish/, 'tis more alive yond on the underreddit than here, but these boards shall still stand for those who lich hem!
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Re: About the Anglish Moot on Fandom

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Ƿiþeranƿork sċufƿain

A Ƿiþeranƿork sċufƿain is a forþput kind of sċufƿains þat brook ƿiþeranƿork as her þrakefrum. Þere are sere hotes þat fand to find þis goal. Þe note to þis kind of sċufƿain is þat a great slifer of þe rest antimber of an anƿork/ƿiþeranƿork blend may be ƿended to miht, atiþing ƿiþeranƿork sċufƿains to haf a far hiher miht þickness and sundry drife þan any oþer forþput kind of sċufƿain.[1]


Ƿiþeranƿork sċufƿains can be dealed into þree kinds of brook: þose þat straihtly brook þe tuders of ƿiþeranƿork breeting for sċufing, þose þat heat a ƿorking floƿy or a middeling antimber hƿiċ is þen brooked for sċufing, and þose þat heat a ƿorking floƿy or a middeling antimber to streen lefen for sum kind of lefen roomcraft sċufing netƿork. Þe sċufing þouhtings þat brook þese ƿorkings meanly fall into four roƿs: fastsċaft colk, mist colk, lye colk, and beamed colk layutes. Þe ƿones to straiht ƿiþeranƿork breetsċufing offer þe mihtlihood of mihtly ƿains ƿiþ, in sum falls, greatly smaller metings of ƿiþeranƿork but need a lot more anƿork sċufer.[2] Þen þere are minċg ansƿers brooking ƿiþeranƿork to span sunderleċg/mongleċg ancƿeaþings for sċufing.

Sċeer ƿiþeranƿork sċufƿain: straiht brooking of ancƿeaþing tuders

Ƿiþerekemote breeting ancƿeaþings make loaded and unloaded pirþmotes, in ekeing to unsidelings and þornleams. Þe loaded pirþmotes can be þeeted by a lode nossling, crafting sċuf. Þis kind of ƿiþeranƿork sċufƿain is a pirþmote sċufƿain or beamed colk layute. It is not fulfremmedly findy; miht is lost as þe rest antimber of þe loaded (22.3%) and unloaded pirþmotes (14.38%), lost as þe stir miht of þe unloaded pirþmotes (hƿiċ can't be efthƿarfed for sċuf); and lost as unsidelings and þornleems (see ƿiþeranƿork as birr).[3]
Ġeamote breeting has also been forþput for sċufƿainsċip. Breeting of ġeamotes crafts only þornleems. Early forþputtings for þis kind of sċufƿain, suċ as þose crafted by Eugen Sänger, foredeemed þe brook of sum antimber þat culd edƿend þornleems, brooked as a liht sail or midhƿarf sċeeld to draƿ sċuf from þe breeting ancƿeaþing, but no knoƿn form of anƿork (made from of sċaftmotes or lodemotes) þeeds ƿiþ þornleems in a ƿay þat ƿuld mihten glasslike edƿending. Þe sƿeiht of þornleemss can, hueefer, be deally sċifted to anƿork by Compton skattering.[4][5]

One cost to reaċ bearingly speeds brooks an anƿork-ƿiþeranƿork ElL-(Entisċ lefenmote lefenþrest ) þornleem laser-(Liht Arising by Stirred Emptying of Rifts) lihtmote sċufƿain made mihtly by a bearingly ekemote-ƿiþerekemote tƿinċg speƿ, hƿere þe kickback from þe laser beam is sċifted by þe Mössbauer fall to þe roomcraft.[6]

A neƿ breeting cost has been boded to be crafted by smeyers from Gottenburgh Lorehus. Sere breeting ancƿeaþers haf been bilt in þe forþƿitten ġeres hƿere ƿatersċaft or heafyƿatersċaft is ƿended into bearingly anƿorklings by laser breeting. Þe craftlore has been forebisened by smeying folds led by Lþ. Leif Holmlid and Sindre Zeiner-Gundersen at smeying bildings in boþ Sƿeden and Oslo. A þird bearingly anƿorkling ancƿeaþer is nueþ being bilt at þe Lorehus of Iseland. Þe speƿed anƿorklings from ƿatersċaft breeting costs may reaċ 0.94c and can be brooked in room sċufing.[7] Note, hueefer, þat þe sooþfulness of Leif Holmlid's smeying is under moot.[8]
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